We use confidential Video to sell your company – the only brokers to do so.


Company Broker Group in Denver, Colorado promises to sell your business for the highest price and without ever breaching confidentiality because they use a confidential Video to privately and quietly present your business to buyers, no on-site facility walk-throughs which can tip off employees.

It seems every business broker and mergers & acquisitions professional promises to avoid breaching confidentiality when selling your business.

But, how can they keep that promise?  How can they honestly promise that they can avoid your competitors, employees, and suppliers from learning about the sale when they’re bringing a parade of prospective buyers through your office, assuming they can generate that level of buyer interest?

Understandably, on-site meetings and a full review of the office operations is critical to a buyer before they consider getting serious enough to submit a letter of intent (LOI) or conduct due diligence.  Even if meetings are held after hours or on weekends when employees are gone, the word can certainly get out that you’re selling.  It’s hard enough these days to keep employees happy, let-alone trying to get a new one.  You don’t want the rumor mill to start or else happy employees may have a concern about their jobs

At CBG we CAN avoid breaching confidentiality simply because of our choice methods, buyers will NOT be meeting with you at your business location. Unlike selling a home or a car, most people have never sold a business before, it’s usually a one-time event.  So, here’s how it works for other brokers (but not us/Company Broker Group).

To sell your company “other” brokers conduct showings of your business which obviously involve meeting with you on-site to see the business environment and spend 1-3 hours asking questions. Much like a real-estate agent. This is completely unavoidable because the buyer is simply not going to write a check without walking through the business and seeing the entire operation and getting all their questions answered.  Would you?   Of course, the issue is that while they need to see things for themselves and get all their questions answered about every aspect of the business including financials, you do not want your employees, customers, and suppliers to learn that you’re meeting with buyers until well after the sale.

This is the age-old problem for business brokers and the owners that hire them to sell the business.   It’s possible that a broker can send you 15-20 different buyer groups who want to have an entire dog-&-pony show of your business, which is a lot of “foot traffic” through your office. The worst part about this is that it’s possible that most, or even all these buyers may be unqualified to buy the business or simply not be seriously interested and are just trying to shop you.  So, in the end, you spent an enormous amount of time pitching the business to prospective buyers that don’t end up moving forward, and you’ve exposed the idea that the businesses for sale.  This, of course, is what you and every broker would like to avoid.

How we are different:  For over 25 years now we have had a solution to solve all these problems.  In fact, we have sold over 300 businesses without EVER breaching confidentiality and we have dramatically cut down the amount of time the seller has to spend meeting with buyers, conducting meetings, and without ever having a buyer walk-through the business location/operation.

We use Video:  It’s simple, we use video, and we are the only ones that we know of in Colorado and even the whole country who sell businesses through video. We meet with you once after hours or on a weekend for about 3 hours to ask all the questions that the buyer would need answered.  We’ve done this over 300 times, so we clearly know all the questions a buyer would need answering before closing.  We capture all this Q & A in a 1 on 1 interview with the you after we do a facility walk-through detailing certain parts of the operation and the terms that you seek (sales price, etc.).

The video is really a “jig”, meaning instead of you telling your entire story and answering the same questions over and over 20 or even 30 times, we capture everything once on video and then we send it privately and quietly to 5–10 highly qualified buyers that we know will have direct interest in your business. They look at the video remotely on their computer and either move forward aggressively or take a pass.

In the end, our approach of using video almost always results in you selling the business for the highest possible sales price without ever letting anyone know of the sale.  Also, you never have to hold multiple on-site walk-throughs with unqualified buyers and lookie-loos.

Of course, you’re probably thinking, it can’t be this simple.  Why wouldn’t other Colorado business brokers use video vs. having the busy business owner meeting with upwards of 15-20 separate buyer groups?   We are still asking ourselves the same question….

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