Steve Hamers, Hamers construction, I have known Paul for over 15 years, and he was the only broker I would let sell my $40M/yr. business.

Janet Tisdal, Colorado Stripe Wright, Inc. This business was listed with “another” broker for 2.7MM. Company Brokers took over the listing and got Janet $7.4MM in just 5 months.

Shawn Hagerty, Avante Telecom Inc., Denver, Co. Sold in 40 days at 2 times the asking price.

Rodger Grace, Holiday and Grace Roofing Inc. Sold in less than 3 months for 180% of the asking price what another broker could NOT sell it for during a previous 1 year listing period.

Colorado Business Broker, Paul Olsen creates a massive bidding war for business Bill Lundquist, owner of Monster Vac.  Just call Paul, Bill Says… Paul will sell a Denver Colorado business faster and for more money than anyone!

Communications Business Sold – Paul Olsen got 30% MORE than the original asking price, a full blown bidding war.

Sue Mahon Largest awning and steel door manufacturer in the west, generated 10 for price letters of intent in the first three weeks.

Denver business broker Paul Olsen Sells Triple Communications Inc. For 50% Above the Asking Price.

Stu Pernack of Pernack and Walters, Inc. A $14MM/year Denver-Based General Contractor. Sold for Full Asking Price in just 4 months in a Recession

Arnie Rechman Buyer of one of the Largest Roofing Companies in Colorado

James Dirkatt, Colorado Excavating Inc. Denver, CO. The seller actually bought the business, through us, six years ago and we just sold it again for him!

Jim Freamen, Attain Technologies Inc. Denver, CO. Sold in 2 mos. for just under 2X asking price.

Bryce Avalone, Owner, High Plains Green Houses, Inc. The biggest wholesale greenhouse and plant distribution center in the region.

Andy Quinones, Owner Rise and Shine Exteriors, Inc. three year old business sold for over 2 million. Paul did a great job, thank you Paul.

Rick Maller, ESQ, Colorado Transaction Attorney

Herb Rempel, Beneath Your Feet, Inc. $10,000,000 per year in flooring sales. We sold Herb’s business quickly & quietly.

Denver Glass Company, Denver, Colorado. $10MM/year in Sales. Sold for Over 2 X’s Listing Sales Price in Just 4 Months

John Abatts, Ascent Stair Chair and Lifts Inc. Sold for approx. 4 X’s Cash Flow in just 5 months.

Rick Walker, Walker Transmissions, Arvada, CO. Sold the company for full asking price in just 2 months to the second buyer and secured a 7 year lease for Rick for the property.

Dan Teege, Paul Olsen has done a solid job generating over 10 qualified buyers for a $15MM/ yr. Water Service Company in Denver, MECI Water Electrical.

Nelson Walstrum, Prior owner of Iron Forge Trailers, Littleton, Colorado. Sold Business in just 3 months for full asking price

David Lustrum, Owner 3 UPS Stores says: The broker (Paul Olsen) produced 7 full priced Letters of Intent within just 6 week

Seth Ludwick, Colorado Wimer Roofing, Sold the company for full price and seller kept all Working Capital.

Doug Vita, Denver Commercial Glass Co. Sold the company even though the business was losing money at the time of the sale.

Dave Stefanish, owner, Colorado Excavating Inc. Paul Olsen was hired 3 X’s to sell various businesses for Mr. Stefanish

Paul Olsen does Dinner seminars for the Denver Paint Contractors Association,

Paul Olsen Owner of Company Broker Group with some great insight on selling your business.

Paul Olsen sells Denver Truck Repair Co in Denver Colorado.
James Elgie, Owner Je-COR Mechanical, 40 Year Old Denver Truck Repair Co. “In just 60 days Paul got me a perfect buyer for 2 X’s the contracted sales price.”

Craig Johnsen Esq., Denver, Co. 28 Year Business Transaction Attorney.

Scott Grossmen, Owner of 3 Yr. Old Denver Stucco and Exteriors Business for $2,000,000

Jerry Ray, Quality Paving and Quality Resurfacing Inc. $40 million a year in sales.