One thing is for certain and that is that YOU cannot run your business forever, author unknown. 

At CBG, we sell businesses for 30%-50% more than other brokers can get and have never breached confidentiality in over 25 years of selling businesses.  Yes, over 300 business sales, not “1” complaint, or “1” confidentiality breach.  Who else can say that?

Do you know what you what your business is worth?   If not, we would like to learn more about your business and if you are interested, provide a free business valuation.  This way you know what it’s worth now, or what you need to do to get the value you want.

Most business owners are comfortable selling or transitioning for the “right price and terms”. What are YOUR price and terms? If you got them in the next year or two, would you sell?

Do you know what value it needs to be to have enough money after taxes and fees to move on to something else someday or retire, whenever that may be?

Is your business ready to sell?  Are YOU emotionally ready to sell now?  Why do you want to sell?  It should be for the “right” reasons, not just a knee-jerk reaction to a bad day/week.

Do you feel you have taken the company as far as you want to and think someone else may be better suited to grow it going forward?

How to transfer the business to a new owner without the loss of any customers, suppliers, and employees knowing how delicate and long-standing these relationships are?

How do you sell a business and keep it 100% confidential?

This is what we can do you for.  Please email us at (or call 303-382-1900) to learn more.  We are 100% confidential and will work diligently to get you the business value that you expect.

Please click the link below.  There are 30 separate video testimonials of happy Colorado-based business owners who have sold businesses through Company Broker Group.  The videos are between 3-6 minutes long each.  Please watch them if you can; even if you just watch the first few minutes of each.  Thank you for your interest.