Sell Denver Business / Preparing To Sell

Preparing the seller, and the business to be sold.
For maximum potential profit, are two important roles of the professional business broker/intermediary.

Owners may sell their business for any number of reasons. That could include retirement, disputes between partners, relocation, family issues, need for change, failing health, or to kick start a different business.

Knowing the reason for the divestiture helps your Company Broker Group Professional building the most profitable sale. Company Broker Group utilizes a network of specialty professionals to help you handle IRS issues, succession plans, or strategies for investment. We help you maximize your profit from the sale of your business.

Company Broker Group has identified specifics needed to aid a successful business sale.


    • Having provable books and records increases numbers of potential buyers.
      Buyers want proof of sales and profits the business has attained in the past.
    • Expectation of a reasonable price and terms.

      Experienced / savvy buyers will only consider a business that is competitively priced.

    • List of assets including furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

      A comprehensive list of assets, available for inspection by buyer.

    • Attractive Lease.

      A lease with known, favorable “terms of assignment”.

    • Best possible appearance.

      Having the business premises neat, clean and in good repair.

    • Sell Denver Business: Valuing the business properly.

      A professional business valuation is tangible proof of a businesses’ value for the buyer and shows how competitively priced the business is.

    • Covenant not to compete.

      A mutual agreement of non-competition with a stated operating radius with a mutually agreed upon time frame.

    • Sell Denver Business: Reason for sale.

      Any savvy buyer will want to know why the business is being sold. He will want to rule out any factors that could negatively affect his future ownership and success.

    • Time is of the essence.

      If a buyer is ready to buy, you should be ready to sell. Unreasonable delays could kill the deal.

    • No surprises!
      If you have existing issues like problem landords, bad equipment leases, loans outstanding, tax bills, strict state or local regulations or zoning issues, your Company Broker Group business broker / business intermediary can possibly overcome them if known in advance.