Sell Your Denver, Colorado Business
 Free Seminars!

Sell Your Business IN Denver – Free Seminars – Learn The Best Methods And Go In Prepared! 

Company Broker Group hosts The Essential Steps in the Sale of a Colorado-Owned Business seminars. These complimentary seminars/presentations are incredibly informative and a great way to learn more about sell your privately-owned Denver area business. Attendance at these half-day workshops is capped at 25 attendees to allow for questions and the best learning environment.

Company Broker Group does not sell anything, but instead provides you with a workbook full of case studies and other important information, as well as great discussions and feedback to help you learn how to sell your Denver business.

In general, two types of  Colorado business owners attend these seminars:

  1. those who are planning to sell their Denver businesses in the near future and want to be as informed and prepared as possible going into the process
  2. those considering the sale of their company at some point in the future and wanting to be prepared when the time comes to sell.  In both cases we cover detailed point on Exit Planning and how to best structure the transaction to minimize taxes, etc.

Since the individuals who attend these seminars are not Mergers and Acquisitionsprofessionals and are attending the seminar to learn more, Company Broker Group  provides a vast array of information and topics in a clear and easy to understand format. It is a thorough overview designed to answer the question. How do I sell my business “Quickly and Quietly”?

Topics Covered at the Presentations/Seminars

How to Best Prepare, Package & Sell Your Denver Business:

Here we discuss how best to highlight the strengths and the up-side of your company.  How to get a buyer focused on the future and get excited about how best to growth the business going forward

Business Valuation Review:

Seminar attendees will go through several case studies giving participants a chance to value a business and see how the seller reduced tax and liability risks and maximized after-tax cash.

Business Taxes:

The seminar explains how a business sold for $2 million might result in a net after tax cash of as little as $1 million (or as much as $1.75 million) and how to structure transactions to maximize after tax proceeds.

Financing for Business Buyers:

Attendees will learn the importance of buyer financing and the reasons why seller financing carries a degree of risk.  Earn-outs will also be covered as an alternative method of financing the deal.

Risks of Litigation:

If not done correctly, selling your business can result in future litigation. The seminar will teach you how to minimize these risks and sell your company as risk free as possible.

Legal Documents:

Learn why good legal documents are important and why poor documents can result in outrageous legal fees and failed transactions.

Other Topics:

Negotiations, finding and qualifying buyers, and how to sell to competitors, are among the additional topics covered at the seminar.

Please call us TODAY to discuss next dates for upcoming seminars.  Call 303-382-1900 or email us at to learn more. Thank you.