Company Broker Group

is the leading Denver Business Broker in the state. With over 300 +businesses sold in the greater Denver area it is safe to say that business owners across the state of Colorado know where best to go to sell their Denver business.

Paul Olsen and his team of Denver Business Brokers are the most knowledgeable in not only the state of Colorado but the country about how to best package and sell your Denver business for the highest price. The Denver Business Brokers work with business owners to groom, package and sell their businesses for the highest profit while simultaneously helping them maintain reputation, productivity and of course with the utmost discretion.

As the premier Denver business brokers we do not take lightly the opportunity to facilitate the transaction of a business and understand the emotional process and attachments that Denver business owners may feel. Denver business brokers are here to guide, advise and ensure that the best and most qualified buyers are meeting our business owners so as to protect and safeguard the futures of these companies that the owners have poured their lives into.

We here at Company Broker Group understand the value of reputation and relationships and know that to understand is to do. As the best Denver business brokers in the state of Colorado our commitment does reach all corners of the state. We have sold businesses in cities ranging from Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Greeley, Fort Collins and many, many more. The Denver Business brokers’ expansive knowledge of the state and of the many industries it has to offer allows us to not only understand but to comprehensively know what it takes to be successful in these transactions.

Company Broker Group has sold businesses in all different industries of Colorado. Some of these businesses include but are not limited to: Teilhaber Manufacturing Inc, Liberty Home Products Inc, Rise & Shine Inc, Holladay Grace Roofing & Construction Inc, P.A.A Contractors Inc, Sanders and Johnson Inc, Heights RV and Trailer Sales and Service, Colorado Superior Roofing and Construction and many, many more.

Company Broker Group’s Denver business brokers are interested in what you do and what your company has to offer and interested in helping you leave the company in the best hands for the top dollar. If you are interested in exploring your options and better understanding the value of your business please reach us today to work with the best Colorado Business Brokers in the state.