Paul Olsen’s record for success over the last 10 years in terms of gross sales price for the business owners he represented.

Both parties to the following business sales have allowed us to make public the general terms of the transaction below.  Private transactions are not being included.

Company Broker Group’s Paul Olsen, Denver business broker, completed the following transactions.

Paul Olsen Company Broker

High Mark Communications, Owner, Dave Grufthoff, Denver, sales price $3,750,000

MonsterVac, for Bill Linquist, Littleton Colorado, $4,900,000 all cash

All Recycling and Demolition, Dave Stefanich, Wheatridge, Colorado, sales price $8,100,000

Tori Landscaping, Eric Johnson, Boulder, Colorado, sales price $750,000 all cash

InnoVapor Products, Inc, Craig, 7 locations in Front Range, sales price $3,000,000

Johns 4×4, John Rush, Boulder Colorado, sales price $2,750,000

Rocky Mountain automotive, 12 bay garage, Roger, sales price, $900,000 all cash

Comm. Arch. Products Inc, Kyle, Englewood, Colorado, sales price $5,100,000

Holladay and Grace, Colorado Springs, Roger and Chad, sales price $5,000,000, 90% cash down.

Colorado Resurfacing, Jerry Rhea, Denver Metro, $1,150,000

Rocky Mountain flooring, Kent, front range, Colorado, $2,150,000, or cash

Gold Plane Custom Cabinets Inc., Reinhold Appelhans, Northglenn Colorado. Sales price $6,000,000

Metro Concrete Creation Inc.,  James Rigs, Denver, Sales price 1,250,000

Senders & Johnson Inc HVAC, Jim Sanders and Dan Johnson, Denver, sales price $950,000

International Transpiration Leasing Inc., Steve Framcon, Colorado Springs, sales price $10,000,000 excluding real estate

Fox Telecom, Tony, Sheridan Colorado, sales price $4,150,000.

Quality Paving Company, Jerry Rhea, Henderson Colorado, sales price $6,100,000

Liberty Home Products, Sue Mahon, Denver, sales price $2,100,000

Concrete Curb and Paving, Jim Heizerling, Littleton Colorado, sales price $5,500,000 million including earn-out.

KD Supply Inc, David Breeding, Aurora Colorado sales price $2,400,000

Colorado Professional Roofing Exterior Inc. Dave Cupid, wheat Ridge Colorado, sales price $2,100,000

High Plains Greenhouses (13 acre of greenhouses), Bryce Avalone, North Denver, sales price $3,100,000

Renaud Excavating Inc., Larry Renaud, Littleton Colorado, sales price $9,250,000

Pirnack & Walters, Larry and Stu, Littleton Colorado, sales price $1,900,000

Superior Roofing, Jim, Arvada, sales price $1,800,000

TJ & Joes Woodworking, LLC, Tim Kilbarger, Englewood Colorado, Sales price $750,000

A Advantage Limousine Service, Larry Carwin, Denver, sales price $810,000

Friend Climate Control, Walter Friend, Colorado Springs, sales price $750,000


(CBG, LLC sold all 3 of the ONLY handicap auto/mobility companies in the Front Range serval years back.)

  1. Adaptive Automotive, Larry, Denver, sales price $1,430,000, (the new owner grew this to a $15M+/yr. company in the past 5 years)
  2. Freewheels Vans Mobility, private, $1,740,000
  3. Morningstar Mobility, LLC, Doug, Littleton Colorado, sales price $1,350,000

Lazerstuck Highway Screed, Denver, private seller, $500,000

Alpine roofing, Denver, Steve, $800,000

Autumn landscaping, Denver Colorado, Mark Robinson, Sales price $7,900,000, $6,000,000 down

Nautical Funding Mortgage, Private seller, DTC, $650,000

Kirkpatrick Plumbing, Aurora, private seller, sales price over $1,000,000

Interbuilt Drywall, private, DTC, $1,900,000

Colorado Striperight Wright, Janet Tisdale, Denver sales price $8,100,000

Triple Communications, Inc., Stephan Crowt, DTC, sales price $1,300,000

Jiffy Lube, Todd, Denver Metro, $1,830,000, including real estate

Rise & Shine Exteriors, Inc., Andy Quinonez, Denver, sales price, $2,050,000

Beneath Your Feet Flooring, Herb Rempal, Littleton, sales price $945,000

Ascent Stair Chair Lifts Inc., John Abbats, Arvada Colorado, sales price $1,150,000

Denver Glass Company, Ed Permies, Golden Colorado, $6,100,000

Walker Transmission and Auto (12bays), Rick Walker, Arvada Colorado, sales price $750,000

Iron Forge Trailers Inc., Nelson Walstrum, Littleton Colorado, sales price $650,000

Colorado Excavating and Demolition Inc., Dave Stefanich, $2,100,000

Elite construction LLC, Steve Grillo, Denver, sales price $1,130,000

Littleton RV and trailer, Bridget Bureau, Littleton Colorado, sales price $2,300,000

P.A.A. Contractors Inc. Patricia Aguirre, Henderson Colorado, brought in a 1,000,000 investor

Young Services LLC, Justin Young, Grand Junction Colorado, sales price 1,775,000

Duffy Apple Confectionary, private seller, Denver, $2,500,000

AR Design Design/alpha Motorsports, Andrew Riponti, Denver, sales price $700,000

  1. Lowel underground Utility, Timothy, sales price $6,000,000

Intermountain coach, Dan and Steve, Colorado Springs, $18,500,000, including real estate.

Je-Corp Equipment Machine Shop, Jim Engli, Denver, sales price $2,930,000

Salon 188, Judie Krawiec, Castle Pines, Colorado, sales price $650,000

Alpine Glass/Glass Contracts Inc. Jay and Jeanette Terry, Denver, sales price $750,000

A-Affordable Emissions and Transmissions Inc. Ron Shawn, Denver, sales price $410,000

Wimmer Roofing, Eric Smith and Seth Ludwick, Arvada Colorado, cells price $1,725,000

Unique Woodworking Inc. Ron Hagen, Denver, sales price $3,200,000

Master Electrical Mechanical Contractors Inc. Ron Smith, Littleton, sales price $1,450,000

Builder Commercial Glass Inc., Doug, Denver, sales price $780,000

AGS contractors Inc., Gary Stevenson, littleton Colorado, sales price $3,350,000

Frosty Leaf Inc., Bill Murfy, Denver, $3,000,000

Paris Tire & Service, Inc., James Paris, Northglenn, sales price $350,000

Vosco Moving and Storage Inc., Matthew Voss, Denver, sales price $810,000

EEC Inc. Jason, Greenwood Village, Colorado, sales price, $13,100,000

Electric Pmt. Programs Inc., John and Tom, Inglewood Colorado, approx. $42,000,000 (secured and investor)

CG construction Inc. Peter Cooper, Inglewood Colorado, sales price $1,100,000

3 UPS locations, David Lundstrum, Aurora 2 stores, 1 in Littleton. Sales price $930,000

Atlas Dist. Corp. Kiki Dadiotas, Denver, sales price $550,000

4X4 Auto Center, John Rush, boulder Colorado, sales price $875,000, plus real estate

AD-CO Hearing Products, Lynn and Pat Schurott, Englewood, Colorado. Sales price $640,000 for 50% of the company.

Summit Treatment Services, intervention in recovery services, Jarod Tiele, Arvada Colorado, sales price $733,000, plus real estate.

Colorado Newhomes inc., Kenny Tapps, Denver Colorado, sales price $1,500,000

Attain Techs, Inc., Jim Freemans, Englewood Colorado. Sales price $780,000

Colorado Excavating Inc., James Dirkmatt, Arvada Colorado, sales price $975,000

Avant Datacom Solutions Inc. Sean Hegarty, Golden Colorado, sales price $1,400,000

Relive Franchising LLC, unique energy supplement manufacturing, Logan and Ryan, Englewood Colorado. Sales price $830,000

Colorado Roofing and Exteriors Inc., Chad Nickle, Sheraton Colorado sales price $2,900,000

Seib Enterprises, LLC., Jerry and Bob Seib, Denver, sales price, $650,000

Gary Leimer, Inc., David, Adam, Wayne, Denver, sales price $1,850,000

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