We Will Sell Your Business for the Highest Price Possible

“Unfortunately, the 1st generation starts it (the business), the 2nd generation grows it, and the 3rd generation blows it”, author unknown.

As stated, owe mission is to get you the highest possible sales price.  This will only happen if we locate a “strategic buyer” who is either in your industry or a related industry and by “rolling you up” they will benefit exponentially, or at least much more than a traditional buyer.  Also, it is also best to find that 1 buyer that sees the “gold in your company going forward”.   All other buyers want to beat your sales price down and give you a multiple of say 2-3 X’s the last 3-5 worst years you have.

As you would expect, there are different types of potential buyers: some may want your employees, some want to take out a competitor, some want your location, another wants an opportunity to take the business to the next level, and another may want to combine it with their business. It is the last 2 where you will find your highest price, again based upon perceived value.

Although we exclusively represent business owners in the sale of every business, we work very closely to educate the buyer help them identify and unlock all the potential of the business.

Through these methods we have taken over business listings from other brokers that sat on the market for 1-2 years with no offers and then sold them in just 2-3 months for 50%-80% more than the original broker could NOT get for the seller.  In fact, we have successfully sold for a high price many businesses that were being shut down or were about to be sold to a weak or unsuitable buyer for a rock bottom price.

The title of our workshops are called “How to sell your business for 30% more, 50% more, 70% more”.

Remember, it is always best to sell your business when YOU are ready.  Don’t get caught in a position to have to sell when it is not the best time or the best value.  Sell when you have the wind in your back, coming off a great year of profits, a strong pipeline of well-bid work for the new owner to step into, etc.  But most importantly, you never want to sell due to the loss of key employees, customers, an unforeseen medical expense.

There’s three basic reasons that people sell their business:

1. They’re in trouble, and they need to get out.

2, They get approached by a prospective buyer who wants to move quickly.

3, They’ve simply decided they are ready to sell

It is for these reasons that when selling businesses, “I’ve been affectionally called “Dr. Exit”, says Paul Olsen, CBG Owner.  I absolutely love what I do and am proud to have made a measurable difference in peoples’ lives”.

This is all about ensuring that you plan your sale so that someday you can leave your business in style.