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Buy A Denver Business, using a professional business broker.

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Do you intend to buy a business in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Aurora, Littleton, Denver Tech Center, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Longmont, Loveland, Castle Rock, the Rocky Mountains, the Front Range — ANYWHERE in Colorado? We can help you TODAY. Buying a business offers great opportunities for great income and professional satisfaction.  For the buyer looking for an established business with solid and recurring cash flow, the purchase of an existing business has proven to be the most reliable path to financial and personal success.

Buy a Denver Metro or Colorado Business today from experienced brokers with many years of direct experience in business brokerage in Colorado. For 25 years we have been located in Denver and have assisted hundreds of professionals and business owners in successful business transactions.

However, since 2003 we have worked exclusively as business brokers marketing business for sale. We are proud of what we have accomplished for hundreds of business owners. Let us help you today locate a business for you to consider buying.

Our Denver Office of Company Brokers has immediate access to a vast database of hundreds of Colorado Businesses to buy. Within hours of getting a call from you, we can locate 5-10 potential businesses for sale that would be a great fit for your background and financial strength.

However, we do NOT represent business BUYERS in transactions unless we have been specifically contracted to do so.

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Becoming a business owner is a huge lifestyle change, a change that could be stressful if gone into recklessly. Nearly ninety percent who buy a small business has never owned a business. Most buy businesses that are different from their original search. Our office is a pioneer of the use of comprehensive video presentations to enable you to review the entire offering remotely from your home.

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When you first start to search for businesses, don’t forget – operating your own business is more than just a 9-5 job; you are now in charge of your own success. In most cases, it is a very big lifestyle change. Usually, you will be working longer hours, you will be making all of the decisions – and, as the expression says, “you will be the chief cook and bottle washer.”

In other words, you will be doing all of the work from running the business to, managing people to business development. The majority of prospective business buyers seek the following conditions before seriously considering a purchase:

  • Pride in the service or the product
  • Flexibility
  • Much Greater Income
  • Control of your own destiny
  • Recognition
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Prestige Status
  • Customer and employee contact