Denver Business Broker / Seller Services

Most people seeking a business broker to sell their business want 3 things.

They want:

  1. The highest price, and to close as soon as practical
  2. The best terms if they are carrying some of the money
  3. An honest and experienced buyer – A buyer whose energy and background closely matches the skill-set needed to run your company. Also, the seller wants someone who has enough financial backing so they can grow the business going forward.

Due to our national reach and extensive database of national buyers we can often sell your business in half the time of other business brokers.

We can sell your business for as much as 20%-30% more money than other business brokers. This is because we use a unique and proprietary system for selling businesses for higher sales prices and better terms. Please call us for details.

It is always better to present your business on a national basis due to a larger buyer pool, and the avoidance of breaching confidentiality locally with your employees, vendors, and customers. Confidentiality is always a major concern for our sellers.

Remember, we earn a fixed commission on the final sell price at the close. So the more your business sells for, the more we make. The business broker’s and the seller’s interests are mutual – and this is the way it should be.

By using our extensive database of national buyers, coupled with effective national marketing we will find the best candidate to run your business going forward. This is exactly what we do.

You’ve worked many years to build the business you intend to sell. Does it make sense to spend 1 hour exploring how a qualified Denver Business Broker can sell your business Denver business faster and sell it for more than anyone else?

In fact, the average business owner will spend 18 years or approximately 36,000 hours building a business preparing for the biggest paycheck of his life – the selling price. Is it worth spending an hour discussing our unique approach to get you that paycheck?

Let us show you how we can find a buyer for your Denver business!

denver business broker ServicesEven if you are not committed to sell at this time, spending this hour is often helpful to get a feel for what your Denver business is worth, and what changes could be made now to make it sell for more in the future?

One thing Company Brokers guarantees is that you will walk out of this meeting with a better understanding of whether to sell your business now or hold on for a while.

Some people like to spend an hour just to get a sense of what their business is currently worth based upon other Denver business for sale listings over the past 3 years. We do not charge for this, and it is very insightful.

The Type of Businesses We Sell

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction, HVAC, concrete, roofing, asbestos abatement, etc.
  • Mail order and packing and shipping services
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Building materials manufacturing and distribution
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Excavation and demolition
  • Plastics
  • Commercial landscaping
  • General Contracting & Building Services
  • Kitchen cabinets/granite countertops
  • Interior finish/drywall
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Business services
  • Large-scale retail
  • Business to business firms
  • Consumer products

Back in 2003, our office pioneered the use of video marketing to sell Denver businesses for the business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions industry. Company Broker Group integrates comprehensive video presentations into its sell-side process – a highly successful offering that has benefited clients and distinguished us from other M&A firms.

At this time, the firm also embarked on an accelerated growth plan to become the most desirable firm to sell your small to mid-size Denver Business. Today, the Company Broker Group enjoys an impeccable reputation for integrity and creativity.