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Should I Sell My Business?

Should I Sell My Business? — Before rushing to sell your business, ask yourself these questions and maximize your return.
  1. Should I sell my Denver business now - given the economic conditionals?
  2. What does  Pre-Sale planning mean and how critical is it?
  3. What is the best  Exit strategy for me
  4. If you sell your Denver business you want the highest price and strongest buyer, but you should also want the sell quickly and quietly. How can you avoid the emotional toll that some owners face when selling?
  5. How long does it take to properly prepare a business to sell for maximum value?
  6. What is your business worth, especially given the turbulent market and economy?
  7. How do you sell a business and keep it 100% confidential?
  8. Do you really need a broker, consultant, CPA or attorney to prepare a business for sale or transfer?
  9. Most business owners are comfortable selling or transitioning for the “right price and terms”. What are your price and terms? If you got them in the next year or two, would you sell?
  10. How do you accurately value a business given volatile market conditions?
  11.  Do you feel you have taken the company as far as you want to and think someone else may be better suited to grow it going forward?
  12. Should you use a business broker, mergers and acquisition firm, or just list it on the internet/newspaper?
  13. How long can it take to sell once you decide to sell?
  14. How should you structure the transaction to minimize my tax consequence?  How best to avoid 35% ordinary income on the sale and use 15% capital; gains rates?
  15. They say they are raising the taxes on the sale or transfer of a business.  What are they raising the tax rate to and when will it kick in?
  16. What is best - an “Asset, or Stock” sale - from a tax and liability standpoint on a business transfer?
  17. What will happen to your loyal employees after you sell your business?  How to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and ensure you don’t leave a legacy of conflict and regret among employees and children?
  18. Would any of your children be fully capable of running your business the way you have run the business over the years?  Can they “fill your shoes” and grow your business and afford to pay you over time?
  19. What kind of buyer is best for your business, from an operations standpoint?
  20. How long will you be expected to stay on and train the new owner?  Will you typically get paid for this? Most new owners today will want you to stay on in some form of partnership role after the sale? Is this something that you are interested in?
  21. What would you do if you did sell your business today, or transition the business to another family member? Would this be comfortable for you?  Your spouse?
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