Paul Olsen of Company Broker Group in Denver, Colorado has been invited to speak at the premier roofing convention in March 2018 in Las Vegas.

Denver business broker, Paul Olsen of Company Broker Group (CBG) has been invited to speak to the largest group of roofing contractors in the US on March 1-3, 2018 in Las Vegas.  The conference will be hosted by Win the Storm, which is one of the largest roofing trade organizations in the industry.  Paul will be speaking to a group of over 2000 business owners of some of the largest roofing companies in the nation.  Paul has sold over 50 roofing and storm-damage-related businesses in Colorado with gross sales between $3,000,000 and $40,000,000.  This is a very specialized and profitable industry that Paul has carved a niche for himself in.  Paul has always focused his business brokerage practice in construction, manufacturing and other blue-collar related industries, but it is really roofing and storm-damage businesses that he has concentrated on in the recent past.

The topics that Paul be covering include; maximizing business value, how to prepare your business for sale for the highest price and best terms, as well as other related topics in the preparation and transfer of a construction company.  For more than 20 years Paul has worked closely with almost 300 business owners to sell their business ‘quickly and quietly’, and for the highest price to the strongest buyers.  Paul prides himself on being able to sell businesses without breaching confidentiality, which is always critical to the business owner.   It is paramount that employees, suppliers, and customers never learn of the sale until well after the transaction is complete.

CBG is the only business brokerage firm in the industry that uses our propriety approach to prepare and present businesses for sale through multimedia and other methods that help a buyer comprehensively understand all aspects of the business operations and to see the “real” value of the company, far beyond what just the financials show.  CBG and Paul strongly feel that most-every business has a story to tell, and Paul and his team are experts at unlocking and illustrating that value to a buyer to get the highest sales price for his customers.  CBG strictly represents business owners in the sale of their business with this goal in mind; they do NOT represent buyers looking to find a business for sale.

This is not Paul’s first speaking engagement.  In fact, over the past 20 years, Paul has conducted an estimated 400 business seminars discussing similar topics as mentioned above.  The program that will be held at the South Point Hotel, just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

If you would like to learn more about the seminar or would like to learn more about Company Broker Group’s services, please email or call 303–382–1900.